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Hello everyone, today I decided to do one of Strawberry Singh’s Meme Challenges. This one involves a bit of fun with a flat cutout of Rodvik Linden that Strawberry has made. The Challenge is as follows: “Meme Instructions: Pick up a Flat Rodvik Linden from my marketplace store for free. (Or make your own using my image or your own image of Rodvik.) Wear or rez him as you travel the grid. Take him to places you think he might not have seen yet and show him a good time. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post or images in the comments of this post so we can all come by and see where you took him!”

I acquired my very own Flat Rodvick Linden and brought him home with me. I needed some wood chopped for the wood stove and figured he looked strong enough to chop a few logs for me. Mr Linden didn’t quite see it my way and last I saw him he was still stubbornly standing at the wood pile with a ” hell no” look on his face. I wonder how long he’ll hold out?


My meme blog picture is brought to you by the following:

{Marketplace link does not necessarily have item blogged. It’s there so you may see other items the designer has available}

Hair ~Wasabi Pills ~ Kelly Mesh Hair – Golden (Marketplace Store)

Hands ~ VIKA Designs ~Hands Female~ rigged with optional jewelry (Marketplace Store)

Outfit ~HH Hucci~ Oulu Dress~ Corner Red  (other colours available)(Marketplace Store)

Jewelry ~ Miss LT ~ Flamingo ~Earrings, Necklace and Ring (Marketplace Store)

Props and Pose ~ oOo Studios ~ chilly_one (Marketplace Store)

Location ~ Tic Tac Haven


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