Goodbye and Thank you…………




My time to stop blogging has come, at least for the foreseeable future. I’ve been offered a FL job that I can’t refuse as it’s something I really enjoy.  Thank you to all the designers who trusted me to show off their designs in my way. Thank you to all my readers for your comments and words of encouragement. Last but not least my wonderful friends who have supported me though the last 17 months I’ve blogged. I may be back, who knows. Never say never, but for now it’s so long.     Daallee

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You wanna mess with me……………………..

mog2adClick Picture

My alt Dale has been out and about again and made it to the Male Only Gatcha Fair.  All decked out with Gatcha items he definitely looks different than his normal self.  Wearing a Mr Bloch skin and shape he looks great wearing only boxer’s from Pour Homme, funky army boots from American Bazaar and a trendy boy hat from Elysium.  His Stakey pose gives him that… “you wanna mess with me ?” look. All great items from the MOG2 running until February 15th.  Check out the offical website and take the taxi over for some cool guy stuff.

The Fantasy Gatcha Carnival has started and runs until the end of the month.  I was there today and  found it a very interesting build. I suggest using the region windlight or it may be difficult to see everything. This is also on a A rated sim. Check out their website and take the taxi over.

 Feb 4th at 12 midnight slt there will be a “one off” show at Lacey’s Place. Jackdog Snook and Lugg Lohner will be onstage for one hour of  fun and good tunes. That’s 3am my time and I’m not sure I’ll be able to say awake but if your able to go, this is a show you wont want to miss. I bet you’ll feel Lacey’s spirit there :) Hopefully some of, if not all will be videoed. Taxi

 I do read other blogs and one of my favourites is Daniel Voyager. The other day he had a very interesting one entitled “Second Life on the map of the internet”. Imagine our world on a map  I thought it was  kinda cool. Check it out yourself here.


My “you wanna mess with me” picture is brought to you by the following:        {Marketplace link does not necessarily have item blogged. It’s there so you may see other items the designer has available}

Skin & Shape: Mr.Bloch – Stravos (MPAvailable @ MOG2

Boxers: POUR HOMME- the vigorous bulge boxer POSSESSED  Available @ MOG2

Boots: [AB] MESH Funky Boots Army (MP) Available @ MOG2

Hat: Elysium – “Boy” hat – gray/black band (MP) Available @ MOG2

Pose: STAKEY – TKO 02 (MP) Available @ MOG2


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Lets stop for tea………………..

cafeClick Picture

Today my alt Dale and I checked out a lovely place I’d heard about called Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe & Forest. Of course we had to stop by Zed’s first as it’s one of our most favourite clothing stores. Dale picked up a great leather jacket and shirt, which has a hud for 25 different shirt colours and a pair of black leather pants.  His shoes are from CBF’s new V2 Breedable shoe line which can be breed into any colour  or texture you set your mind to trying.  His barber today was  While at Zed’s I saw this awesome fur coloured jacket which went perfect with my previously blogged Zed back skirt.  The sexy shoes I had bought a few days ago at Athor and they worked with this outfit perfectly. I finished off my look with the delicate and beautiful pearl necklace and earrings from Earthstones , I’d received as an xmas gift. My hairdresser of choice was D!va and another in their Miss Virtual World line available at Collabor88. This round is almost done so hurry over.

The Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe & Forest sim really is a lovely place to spend some time. The cafe itself has a fully stocked sweets and coffee bar and small eating area. There is a very cozy living room type area with a sofa, chairs and a big piano. Outside the cafe is a patio which at the time of our visit was full of couples chatting. At this moment the sim is still in winter mode but very beautifully done. There are small cafe areas for 2 set out in various spots throught the sim, waterfalls, lighthouse, caves , even a photobooth. If  your looking for a beautiful area to hang out with friends or take pictures this might be a place you’ll like. Taxi

It’s the end of the month, remember to check your groups for the monthly gifts before they are gone.

If your a Damselfly fan they are having a Superbowl Special this weekend. All items in the store are 40% off until Feb 2. so here’s your chance to stock up on those items you’ve been saving for. Taxi

Lots of new events happening in February plus Valentines is coming……………so keep reading to find out whats going on. :)


My cafe picture is brought to you by the following:                                                                   {Marketplace link does not necessarily have item blogged. It’s there so you may see other items the designer has available}


Hair: “”D!va“” Hair “Astralia” (MVW DENMARK 2014)(Moon stone) Available @ Collabor88

Jacket: ::ZED:: – Macey Fur Collared Coat with Gloves, Fur 04 (MP)

Skirt: ::ZED::-  Untamed Skirt & Belt, Plain (MP)

Shoes: *ATHOR* – FIONA_black_sole nude (MP)

Jewlery: EarthStones - Caged Pearl Drop Earring &Necklace – White Pearl (MP)


Hair:    Matt-Hair  (Resize)  Dark brown (MP)

Jacket & Shirt:- :ZED:: MESH Expresso Cappotto Maschile Trench & Shirt with 25 colour shirt hud (MP)

Pants: -::ZED:: MESH Black Leather Pants (MP)

Shoes:- CBF - SEBASTIAN Corset Vintage  BlueGreen

Props and Poses:-{what next} Amalfi Cafe Set for Two (MP)

Location: Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe & Forest



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Lazy days………

lazy3Click Picture

Lazy days, we all have them, some more than others. My alt Dale was complaining he hadn’t been in any blogs lately so here he is.  We had a lazy day, just hanging  around our sl home, both dressed in Plowwies fabulous pj’s which can also be found in a matching pair for the opposite sex. I really like how all Plowwies pj’s come with such cute slippers.  I’d stopped by The Hipster Fair a few days ago and picked up these cool glasses from, ArisAris which come with a hud for many different looks. My hair dresser of choice today  was Emo-tions  and Dale’s, Dura.

The Hipster Fair has lots of hipster & indie fashion styles and runs until Feb 4th.  Many stores have free gifts or dollarbie items for both men and woman, but beware as I noticed a few have gifts at a much higher price. Check to see what you’re buying you’re on a budget. It wasn’t to bad for lag when I went, but the first week rush is already over. Taxi

Were you a fan of Burn2 last year? If so mark these dates in March.The BURN2 Burnal Equinox 2014 starts at 12pm SLT on 28th March through to 30th March 2014. I had a blast at the last one so I will definitely be at this one. If your interested in applying to take part check out their webpage for rules and application submission details. Website


Lazy Day picture is brought to you by the following:                                                        {Marketplace link does not necessarily have item blogged. It’s there so you may see other items the designer has available}


Hair: .:EMO-tions:. -* VIOLET*/blonde (MP) Available @ The Attic

Pj’s: *plowwies – *Two Socks  (MP)

Glasses: *ArisAris  – Igs95 Azahara Fantasy Glasses (MP)   Available @ The Hipsters Fair


Hair: Dura -*Dura-Boy*24 (Black) (MP)

Pj’s: *plowwies*   – Jodocus quack  (MP)

Prop and Poses:  fri. – Cozy.Chair (MP) (Daallee)                                                                                                           SN - Ground sit   (MP) (Dale)


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firelightClick Picture

Yes, my avi seems to be in deep thought as am I in my FL. I seem to have hit a wall and am not sure where to go with my blog . The key words are “my blog” which means I owe no one anything other than the designers who freely give me some of their great designs to use in my pictures. I also buy a lot of the items myself as I enjoy dressing my avi and  decorating my SL home. All other content is there because I choose to write about it and yes I do promote my friends in my blogs and will continue to do so when I have reason to. So where is “my blog” going, I’m not sure, but hopefully I can keep it interesting.

Today my avi is wearing this beautiful skin from Pelle called London, which comes with a shape and the applier for Lolas. Pelle also has appliers for Slink hands and feet and are free at the store. On my Slink hands are pretty Sansa Bella nails, which also come with a hud for toe nails on slink feet. The very sensual hair is from one of my favourite hair designers, Mina. I love this shade of blonde that I’ve only found at Mina’s.

Today I dressed my avi in just a pair of boots. These great looking boots are V2 of the Charmed Breedable Fashion line I’ve blogged about the past year. V1 is now done and no longer available. V2 is full of vibrant colours and all new patterns plus there are now bags and purses. This version is still in open beta but will soon be ready for everyone play. Stop by the CBF sim and have a look at all the exciting things going on and become a part of CBF breedable family and start breeding your own  shoes purses and bags. Taxi

A few months ago I commented in a blog about the lack of men’s items in Gatcha’s, well……….. there’s going to be a men’s only Gatcha! It starts Feb 1st, I’m looking forward to it and hoping the items are transferable.  I know someone whose going to be on the receiving end of some items if they are :) Check out the official website for more information.

It’s the weekend… enjoy everyone what ever your doing. :)



My picture is brought to you by the following:                                                                {Marketplace link does not necessarily have item blogged. It’s there so you may see other items the designer has available}

Skin and Shape: PELLE  – London Pale nature make up – comes with 5 skins, shape, lola applier and alpha teeth (MP)

Hair: M I N A-  Nikky – Light blond  comes with materials and non material version and colour hud (MP) Available @ The Attic

Nails: SB: Love Prints Polish Slink Nails -also contains toe hud Available @ Fashion Stars and LG Hunt

Boots: CBF – ISIS Special -Black

Prop and Pose: [CIRCA] – “Boutique Loft” Swirl Pouffe – Red Velvet (MP) (old shoetopia gatcha pose)

Background:katink – Studio 4 (MP)





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Smile when you remember Lacey….

remember lacey

Click Picture

Today was to be the start of “A Concert for Lacey” in honor of Lacey Lohner/ Shan Chard who’d been battling ill health. Friends and fans were gathering to help put a smile on her face and know that she was loved and thought of. Unfortunately, at 12:55 pm 16 January 2014 Lacey lost her fight and the world lost a wonderful, kind, vivacious, talented woman.  A First and Secondlife  musican who loved performing in both worlds. Along with Lugg they put on some spectacular and fun shows. Personally I’ll miss hearing her say Hi Daallee in her down under accent from the stage and her special brand of music. I’ll also miss her quick Hi and Hug in IM’s that made me smile. My heart goes out to Lugg and all of Lacey’ family and friends in both worlds.  Join Lacey and Lugg’s SL family and friends at Lacey’s Place staring at 11pm slt Thursday January 16th for a celebration of her life.

Concert for Lacey – Lacey’s Place – starts Jan16 11pm slt  – Jan17 11pm slt

11:50pm Special presentation of Lacey Lohner’s, Echo in my Heart danced by Chewie Quixote
11pm  Bronze                    9am  Beth Odets                 7pm  Rara Destiny
12am Senjata Witt           10am Tommie Scorpio      8pm  Billy Thunders
1am  Xara Fiasco              11am  KevinM Thomas     9pm  Wread Writer
2am Spike Luckstone      12pm  Bamboof                  10pm  Rosedrop Rust
3am Russell                       1pm  Gina Gracemount    11pm  Silas Scarbourough
4am Bright Oh                  2pm  Mark Seery
5am Blindboy Gumbo     3pm  Suzen Juel
6am Laidback Celt          4pm  OhMy& Saraine
7am Terrylynne               5pm  Pmann Sands
8am Mash Rode              6pm  Chip Takacs



My picture is brought to you by the following:                                                                         {Marketplace link does not necessarily have item blogged. It’s there so you may see other items the designer has available}

Hair: PELLE - Pearl hair honey blonde (MP)

Outfit: Egoisme -Malizia – Jacket and Pants  (colour change hud) (MP)

Shoes: ::ZED:: Wild High Pumps Collection 01 ( requires SLink high feet) (MP)

Pose: Katink - Lana Set (MP)







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In the pink…………….

pinkClick Picture

“Pink it’s my new obsession
Pink it’s not even a question,
Pink on the lips of your lover, ’cause
Pink is the love you discover”

This outfit had me humming the song “Pink” by Aerosmith. The lovely dress by Valentine E was a perfect match for the sexy ultra high heels from Hucci.  Blushed has this new silver, jewelry set called Luna that can be worn with slink hands and looks great with the dress. My hairdresser again today was D!va, with another beautiful Miss Virtual World hair. Both the pose and background are from Katink.

Guthries was my musical stop this morning where I found Shannon OHerlihy already on stage. Shannon is a folk singer song writer from Stratford, CT, with several awarding wining originals in her repertoire along with a good selection of covers. Take some time out to hear this performer at Nashville Music Row 17/01 6pm slt.  Website  Facebook

Following Shannon was Bluemonk Rau with his lightening fast piano fingers, streaming live from Texas.  Blues, country, jazz and show tunes  is what you get when you spend an hour with Bluemonk. A seasoned 35 yrs+ FL performer who  thrills his SL audiences with his originals and well chosen covers.  Catch Bluemonk at Endeavour Cove 17/01, 8pm slt.  Website

I really haven’t much to say tonight, I seem to have hit a bloggers block, my blogs might be mainly fashion until I shift this brick in my way. 


My pink is my favourite colour picture is brought to you by the following:                 {Marketplace link does not necessarily have item blogged. It’s there so you may see other items the designer has available}

Hair: D!va“- “Locuala” (MVW INDIA 2014)(Cat’s eye)  Available @ Collabor88

Dress: :Valentina.E= Drop Dead Dress  Cherry (MP) Available at FameShed

Shoes: : Hucci -Jacmel Pump Pink ( requires Slink feet Med) (MP)

Jewelry: Blushed - Luna Silver Necklace+Earrings+Bangles+Rings+Anklet (MP)

Background & Pose: katink – BG Strange set  Pose Lana Set  (MP)


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I need some Spring……………..

springClick Picture

I was needing a spring like feeling today so I dressed my avi in this very pretty and feminine outfit from Funkyfly Girl.  The outfit is quiet seductive, yet stylish and quiet classy when paired with the pearl necklace and earnings which I found at the new round of Collaboro88.  I picked up the sweet MG  bangles and stunning D!va hair there too.

Feeling all spring like, I went for a walk at City of Savalon on Wellsprings Island, the pretty gardens of Samson Walpole. Samson has opened his gardens for people to enjoy a quiet  area to talk with friends, dance and take pictures…………. and there is no lag!  Taxi

I also dropped into Robert and Anna’s Video Beach today to listen to Dimi (dimivan.ludwig), streaming live from Indiana USA. An awesome performance by a seasoned SL musician who claims to be a hack musician FL. Well, for a hack he gave an hour of great acoustic covers which I hope to hear again in the near future. You can hear Dimi at Key West 15/01 5pm slt.   Facebook

This evening I went to another performance of Rocky Horrid Picture Show at the Paramount Playhouse. Each time there are new things to see as the theater group perfects their own version of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Good  job everyone:) There will be another performance January 27th @ 7pm slt.  Taxi    Rocky Facebook   Keep up on other productions at the Paramount Theater though their Facebook  or Website

Are you sports inclined and want to  join in an event in SL? Here’s one for you, SL’s first ever Winter Olympics.  The event is scheduled to take place in March 2014, exact dates are yet to be decided on. There will be numerous sporting and social events such as skiing, skating, hockey, snow boarding, live music, DJ parties and much more. If your interested why not form a team and plan to take part.  Keep an eye on the SL Winter Games webpage here. Sounds like a lot of fun!


Some entertainment options for January 12th


End of Time
12pm Michele Netso
1pm Whirligig Rutabaga

Rhi’s After Dark
3pm Jordan Reyne Deezul
6pm KevinMThomas Claypool
7pm RandyB Magic
8pm ReggieSunset Rookswood
9pm Stephanniya Sinatra
10pm Beth Odets



My spring feeling picture is brought to you by the following:                                         {Marketplace link does not necessarily have item blogged. It’s there so you may see other items the designer has available}

Hair: “D!va“-Hair “Averil” (MVW USA 2014)(Moon stone) Available @ Collabor88

Eyes: IKON – Spectral Eyes  – Abyss with or without mesh plus hud (MP)

Outfit: Funky Flygirl= Dita Shrug Vintage Lace (PrimBay)

Necklace& Earrings: (Yummy)- Large Pearl (MP)  Available @ Collabor88

Bangles:MG – Bangles – Painted Pansies (colour change) (MPAvailable @ Collabor88

Nails: Sansa Bella: Victoria White Tip finger and toe nail huds (toe not shown) for Slink hands and feet  Available at Designers Showcase

Pose: oOo Studio -Adrienne set (MP)

Location: Wellsprings Island




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Caught Shopping….

stalkerClick Picture

The rumours are not true, I have not given up blogging. Paparazzi Lotus Li caught me shopping again at Zed’s where I picked up this whole new outfit. Check out this great coat which has a sweet little black dress to go with it. Ladies we all need a little black dress don’t we! Zed’s has also included a hud with nails for slink hands to match the dress and coat. Even the Zed shoes match perfect. I popped on these cool Eclectica vintage glasses to try and disguise myself abit but Lotus was to savvy and caught me stopping off for a pina colada at the bar in the Zed Mall. My hair dresser of choice today was LeLutka which  gives this whole ensemble a sophisticated look.

I’m back from my blog break and look forward to an eventful 2014.  I’ll be looking for new music, sims and events, whatever comes up. If anyone knows of anything interesting going on, give me a shout so I can check it out too.

Last night I spent the evening at Old Town School of Folk Music listening and enjoying three fine acoustic musicians.  First up was Agusto Napoli (aka SD) a Chicago musician with a gruffy groovy voice who fills his audience ears with a good selection of covers from Southern Rock to Folk and Bluegrass. Spend an hour with Agusto and you’ll want more. Catch him 11/01 @ Guthries  10am slt. Taxi.

Following was San Francisco Bay based musician Joe Paravane with his acoustic finger-picking guitar blending in folk, rock and a harmonica thrown in to keep it all interesting. Joe has a good selection of covers and some fabulous originals. An hour with Joe will set your spirits high so stop by Guthries 13/01 9am slt and get yourself a bit of Joe.

Ending the evening live from his studio in Florida was Zo Canning with more acoustic goodness and completely unrehearsed. Zo’s motto is “Prefer IMPROMPTU  everything” and it’s exactly what you get. Tunes most of us grew up on with some country thrown in, along with Zo’s charming banter and warm rich guitar makes it an hour of pure enjoyment. Keeping in Zo’s impromptu mind set, he can be found most Sundays at The Merry Pranksters Pickin Party pass the mic.

I came across something interesting. One of the best parts of SL is being able to learn new languages. If your a language educator or interested in being one this workshop might  MachinEVO 2014 is a free 5-week workshop for language educators on how to create videos (machinima) in virtual worlds like Second Life. Registration opens from 6th-12th January 2014 free of charge and MachinEVO starts on 13th January 2014. The 5-week workshop will be held at Edunation Island and some other places in Second Life. You can find out more about it on Daniel Voyager’s awesome informative blog.

Some entertainment options for January 11th

Open Mic PAJAMA JAM @ Rock House  every SATURDAY 7am-10am slt

Rock A Smile event for Lavender Fields Feed a Smile
9am Max Kleene
10am Ghostie Wildmist
11am Junivers Stockholm
12pm Ricky Livemusic
1pm Rock Doghouse
2pm Dragonfly
3pm to 5pm U2inSL

 Whiskey Go Round  Pass the Mic 8pm slt until it’s over


My shopping picture is brought to you by the following:                                             {Marketplace link does not necessarily have item blogged. It’s there so you may see other items the designer has available}

 Hair:[LeLutka]-SWISH-4in1-pony – BlondeFun (MP)

Coat and Dress: ::ZED::- Charnel Coat & Little Black Dress – Teal  (other colours available) (MP)

Glasses: Eclectica ‘Esme’ Vintage Glasses (MP)

 Shoes: ::ZED:: -Studded Leather Pumps with colour change hud (Slink feet med required) (MP)

 Pose & Props: Sup Poses -Shop Till you Drop Bag Pink Pose 1 (MP) Available @ The Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Location: Zed Mall


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Season’s Greetings…


Season’s Greetings everyone.  I hope everyone enjoys the holiday in which they celebrate this time of year with friends and family.  I wont be blogging much until the New Year but I’m looking forward to what 2014 will bring in both worlds.  I’ll be back with my regular blogs of music, events, new breedable shoes, my occasional soap box rants and much more!

Zo and I had some fun building a snowman today in our cute outfits from Plowwies.

Plowwies owner and designer wie (plowwie.voom)  also the sponsors of a 24 hr Christmas Eve pajama party at Big Daddy’s . There will be a giftcard orb that hands out a 200L$ giftcard every 15 minutes during the 24 hours ( random). Big daddies is a PG sim so wear your best pj’s but cover you bits :)  Taxi

Plowwies also sponsors  an Open Mic PAJAMA JAM @ Rock House  every SATURDAY 7am-10am slt  Barry [AvantGarde Frequency] and friends… We’ll be passing the stream back and forth for the entire show. The 200L Plowwies gift card orb will be there exploding every 15 minutes.  Pop in and join the fun.  Taxi




My snowman picture is brought to you by the following designers:
Outfits : Plowwies - Carina and Carlo outfits complete with boots (MP)



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